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Ofer Kinan

Netanya [Israel]

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  • Contact:Ofer Kinan
  • Represented players:3
  • Sportsmen's level:Professional
  • Company location:Netanya, Israel 
  • Sports:Soccer


Allow me to introduce to you Kinan & Asiedu Sport Agency (KSA) from Israel. This is an organization specialized in job mediation, contract guidance, selection and recruitment, as well as secondment (through sub-contracting to other clubs) of professional football players in Israel, with office in Tel Aviv, the biggest city in Israel. The KSA was established at the initiative of top sport insiders with legal and financial backgrounds, who are not interested in cutting one-off deals only. We take an interest in the football players registered with our organization and we continue monitoring them and providing our services to them, both at home and abroad. We have been providing our services to various premier league football talents as well as players belonging to national football teams, both within the Israel and abroad. On this moment KSA is the Agent of top players in Israel. We have collaboration with some big agencies and clubs in all around Europe and Asia. Our Agency is open for all cooperation with anyone who is willing to be honest and professional in any business relationship consumed in the future. I hope for a positive reaction! Best Regards, Mr Ofer Kinan Director Kinan & Asiedu Sport Agency.

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