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Sport Club Nacional E.c.

Cabo Frio [Brésil]

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  • Sport:Football
  • Profil:Club de Football
  • Pays:Brésil 
  • Ville:Cabo Frio
  • Contact:Juan Carlos Junior Junior


. message directed to all of football. you all leaders of clubs like me, representatives of clubs in all countries, players from all countries, coaches of all countries, draw the attention of you for this post, the club is one of the national club of major revelations, our participation in competitions is as bright as liberators in positioned ahead of many clubs we know we have today in our team 'trez Brazilian players of great talent, are young players of the Brazilian team football under-21, are promising young people who helped us a lot to give this back on top, is a striker who played in the Brazilian team, Flemish and holy and has 22 years, has a driving average of 21 years who played in the palm trees in brazil, brescia of italy and under-20 Brazilian team, we have an average offensive of 23 years who played in gremio in brazil, botafogo in brazil and the Brazilian team sub-20, these young players have been negotiated with our club in currency exchange with other players, but we have more to secure them by simple facts that we are not able to pay their wages, and thus leads us to make a partnership with any club that is interested in selecionaveis Brazilian players are players of high technical quality, if you interesting to leaders and representatives and coaches, we the their orders to better meet them, are great football players, our club without these professionals chegariamos not where we arrive, we will only negotiate them because our costs are not few, we orders. general manager: Francis grandson President: Juan Carlos Junior email:

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Our club has good football players, play competitions as liberators and more, we have young players in our group Brazilians who played selections on the basis of the world, these young people raised in, we built, came to our club as a bargaining chip players more experienced, today however, the direction of our national sport club negotiates need them by simple facts wages are high and we are not able to pay because our méta is to negotiate them in a definitive or even loans to foreign clubs, is an attacker, a steering wheel and half offensive, I would like you representatives, coaches and leaders in decem its attention because they are great players of great technical quality, not only our club vai come with both players by simple facts have no conditions for wage payments, therefore nothing more than just give them the right to choose other clubs, we are expressing in search of partnerships to lend these players, if interesting be here ready to serve them. thank you. email:

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Zoran Nikolic09/06/2010

Dennis Hughes24/06/2010

Antonio Boada01/07/2010

grande profissional que o mundo necessita como este que se determina para busca é delapitar grande jogadores,para o mercado mundial de futebol,quero aqui parabenlizar-lhe,pelo profissionalismo da parte da comissão tecnica é em especial diregente,pelo atuação; eu recomendo o mundo do futebol dar um olhadinha neste profissionais;que deus o abençõe a todos;desejando sucesso,estão no caminha certo;

Jorge Acosta20/10/2010

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