Success stories

Damian Leonardo Bartel

Rugby Player

Second row, 38 years old

Ussel [France]

Achieving continuous success

"At the end of the season at the rugby club Vierzon, a French agent called Guy Briquet contacted me. He’s the director of Ussel Rugby Club. Briquet told me that he was interested in my profile and invited me to join his team for the next season. After getting acquainted with the institution and its members, I decided to accept his proposal, because in this way I can take full advantage of my talent in a challenging environment so as to continue growing in my career as a professional player. I’ll take part in the team since August 2010. I’d rather say it's been a great year for me. That’s why I’d like to thank MyBestPlay. This is the third club I joined through its service."

Oliver Mendoza

Soccer Coach

Willemstad [Netherlands Antillas]

Everybody can help you on MyBestPlay!

"I’m Oliver Mendoza, a Spanish player registered on the website since 2007. The Argentinian player Mauricio Laburdette contacted me through MyBestPlay and, since I wanted to play in South America, he helped me contact a Venezuelan football agent. So I finally travelled to Venezuela to train for Aragua, a first division team in that country. Thanks to this whole experience and to MyBestPlay, I have great opportunities to work as trainer and as a coach, now. I’d like to point out that there are really good players who care for other players and want to help then, and that's very important in the sport world. "

Abel Sandoval

Soccer Agent

Tel Aviv [Israel]

He was retruited to join a club in Israel

"I’m Abel Sandoval and I run SANDOSPORT, which is a player management company in Europe and Middle East. SANDOSPORT works together with Meir Rifman, a football agent in Israel. Through MyBestPlay, I found a Colombian player called Sergio Novoa Villamizar, who had a previous experience in the 2nd division club “Alianza Petrolera” in Colombia. Since he wanted to work in Israel, SANDOSPORT gave him that opportunity thanks to MyBestPlay. Finally, Novoa was hired to play for Benei Sacnin FC in Israel. In July 2009, Novoa returned to Colombia to join “Deportivo Pasto" a 2nd division team in that country. "

Video testimonials

Alto Rendimiento Deportivo

Soccer Agent

San Miguel [Argentina]