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Fernando Rodriguez Sanchez

Madrid [España] 56 años

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  • Usuario:Fernando Rodriguez Sanchez
  • Perfil:Entrenador de Fútbol
  • Deporte:Fútbol
  • Nacionalidad:España 
  • Fecha de nacimiento:25/11/1959
  • Nivel:Profesional
  • Con contrato vigente:Disponible para usuarios registrados. Regístrate
  • Especialidad:Director Tecnico
  • Representante:No


Please allow me to introduce myself to you: I was born in Madrid – Spain where my love for soccer began simultaneously with the day I took my first steps. Since then, I have been involved with soccer in one way or another, but always with great passion and respect for the best sport in the world. I’m always looking for ways to improve my knowledge of the game as well as promoting the game itself. In 1994 I was named a finalist in the MasterCard’s Ambassador of Soccer honoring foreign-born Americans for their contribution, promotion and enhancement of American soccer. I’m an experienced, competent, qualified, bilingual (I speak Spanish fluently) capable, charismatic and self-organized soccer coach with a strong knowledge of the game. I hold the highest professional coaching licenses of the United States (United States Soccer Federation’s “A” license including the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Premier Diploma and the United States National Youth Coaching License) and Europe (the Spanish Royal Football Federation National “A” license and the Scottish Football Association National “A” license). I’m also a professional personal trainer, certified by ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) as a Group Exercise Leader. I am a Spanish/American citizen. I have been a coach and a teacher/instructor of soccer for many years. I know, without a doubt, soccer in this country and other parts of the world (Europe, South America) where I go frequently to enhance my craft to be an even better teacher of the game. On July 4th to July 9th 2006 I was invited to participate in a coaching seminar in La Coruña-Spain with the best soccer coaches of Spain and Portugal to learn more about the art of professional coaching and where I did a training session for all the coaches that impressed them so that I was invited again for the next seminar but this time as a clinician. In 2008 I was hired to teach at Carol Morgan Bilingual Private School's camp in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and, again I was invited to teach in their camp from then on. In the Spring of 2009 I was also hired as a Director of Coaching at Raquette Lake Camps in up state New York where I have been working ever since. I have successfully coached for years men's, women’s, boy’s and girl's soccer. This has included all levels from the amateur to the professional from the very young to High School and College and that includes teaching goalkeeping. I have also taught coaches to be for the California Youth Soccer Association-North (CYSA-N) and for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Currently, I'm the Panathinaikos Soccer Schools Technical Director of Greater St. Louis, Missouri. I'm also the New York Raquette Lake Camps Boys Director of Coaching. I was Saint Louis Community College-Florissant Valley Men's Head Soccer Coach for two seasons but the school's lack of interest in soccer forced me to leave the position. In the season I coached an U19s men's team in the Missouri State Cup, those players (now in different universities around the country) were in the season my U18s boy’s team became Division "A" Champions in Saint Louis. In addition, I train boys and girls teams and their coaches of different clubs in the Saint Louis Metropolitan area and I'm a USSF referee. I also work as a certified personal trainer for a club called Life Time Fitness. In 2003 and 2004 I was the boy’s coaching director of J. B . Marine Soccer Club here in Saint Louis and Springfield, Missouri. And I created for the club an age specific group training curriculum (a road map) to be follow by all the coaches for the boys and girls in that club. I am a very reliable and honest person deeply committed to soccer, to the success of the organization I work for and to high ethical standards while advocating equity and diversity. I have a strong commitment to the welfare of my players and a reputation of integrity, both professionally and in compliance matters. I’m a good and enthusiastic mentor/teacher that tries to bring the best in the athletes I coach while encouraging them to focus on personal growth and development, as well as academic and athletic achievement. I'm known in the United Sates Soccer family as well as in other parts of the world where I send quality players like Joe Enochs to Germany. Joe also played for the U. S . National team in a June 7, 2001. Joe is now a coach for VfL Osnabrück. Also, two of my players (Mike McGinty and Josh McKay) are now soccer coaches themselves at prestigious division one universities. Some of my other players represented the United States National Teams like Zak Ibsen, Tayt Ianni. Consequently, with my positive and energetic personality, it will be easy for me to develop and create a soccer network in the region to promote the club and the players. I work well under pressure and cooperatively with a wide range of personalities in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural environment. I have excellent communication, organizational and public relations skills and the administrative abilities necessary to feel well qualified to become part of any serious club or soccer organization. I would be interested in discussing my qualifications with you. Respectfully yours in soccer, Fernando Rodriguez 22 Glenhaven Drive Saint Louis, Missouri, 63122 (314) E-mail:

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Fernando Rodriguez 22 Glenhaven Drive Glendale, Missouri, 63122 Home (314) - Cell (314) United States Soccer Federation National “A” Licensed; Scottish Football Association (Scotland) National “A” Licensed; Spanish Royal Football Federation (Spain) National “A” Licensed; National Soccer Coaches Association of America (N. S . C . A . A . ) Premier Diploma; United States National Youth Coaching License; American College of Sports Medicine (A. C . S . M . ) Fitness Trainer; Panathinaikos Soccer Schools Technical Director of Greater St. Louis, Missouri. 2011-Present; Raquette Lake Camps Boys Director of Soccer. Adirondack Park, New York 2009-Present; Life Time Fitness Group Exercise Instructor 2008- Present; United States Soccer Federation and Missouri State High School Soccer Referee. 2007-Present; Saint Louis Community College, Florissant Valley. Saint Louis, Missouri. Head Coach Men’s Soccer ; Saint Louis Youth Soccer Association U19 boys Missouri State Cup 2006. Saint Louis Youth Soccer Association U18 boys Division 18 “A” CHAMPIONS. ; J . B . Marine Soccer Club. Saint Louis, Missouri. Boy’s Director of Coaching. ; Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri. Assistant coach Men’s Soccer 2003; College of Marin Head Coach Men’s Soccer 2000 – 2003; College of Marin Men’s & Women’s Sports Conditioning Teacher 2000 – 2003; National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Staff Instructor 1999 – 2002; Golden Gate Women Soccer League, Head Coach of the Marin Flash. Fall 2002 DIVISION CHAMPIONS; Technical Director and Coach of numerous Soccer Camps since 1987; Professional Trainer and Coach of numerous boys and girls select youth soccer teams since 1987. “The Eagles” an U12 boys became in 1998 the California Youth Soccer ASSOCIATION CUP CHAMPIONS; California Youth Soccer Association, Inc. Senior Staff Instructor, teaching soccer coaches to be. From 1989 to 1999. California Soccer Association-North Men’s State Select Head Coach; 1998 season; Head Coach of “North Bay Breakers” in the United Soccer League. Formerly known as the U. S . I . S . L . ; 1992 season; Head Coach of the Mill Valley Soccer Club in the San Francisco Major Division. Season; Has lead in 1992 California Olympic Development Program Players in the International Friendship Cup of Brazil; Head Coach of the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club in the San Francisco Major Division. Season; California District 5 Olympic Development Program Select Teams Head Coach, Boys. 1996; California State Olympic Development Program Select Teams Head Coach, Boys. From 1986 to 1988; Former Varsity High School Head Coach, Boys & Girls; Former Junior Varsity High School Head Coach, Boys & Girls; Former San Francisco Soccer Major Division Player from ; Speaks Spanish fluently; - Affiliations - Member of National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) since 1985; Member of United States Soccer Coaches Organization since 1993; Member of United Sates Youth Soccer Organization since 2009.

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