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Joseph Kofi Bartels

Accra [Ghana] 21 años

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  • Posición:Centrocampista
  • Posición avanzada:Medio centro defensivo
  • Club Actual:Free agent
  • Nivel:Profesional
  • Nacionalidad:Ghana 
  • Fecha de nacimiento:10/11/1996
  • Altura:190 Cm.
  • Peso:55 Kg.
  • Velocidad:10
  • Fuerza:10
  • Potencia:10
  • Técnica:10
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A complete tactical player with pace and uses both legs effectively. He is very skillful. His greatest assets are his speed,jump,passes. In his half he can send send a direct through pass to his attackers in the opponents half. His outstanding abilities enable him to defend from the most unlikely situations. Indeed,his reserves of tricks and defending skills seem to be inwxhaustible. His combination with the rest of his team mates in the midfield increases the team attacking potential enormously. He is outstanding practioner of free kicks,with the ability to curve the ball around the wall and place it any part of the goal area beyond the keeper reach. He is always calm under pressure and causes a lot of problems with his surging runs into areas. His penetrating passes gives defenders problems dealing with. He is real workaholic versatile player and also good in the air in terms of air balls.

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Mi historial deportivo

    • Temporada: 2014-2014
    • Posición: Centrocampista
    • Posición avanzada: Medio centro defensivo

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